Consultation & Advising

Confidential consultations and advisement are available for faculty, staff, students and other University affiliates. Our services cover a wide range of topics, including managing difficult situations with colleagues and students, building and sustaining practices of inclusivity in the classroom, and enhancing diversity recruitment efforts. We are available to all divisions on campus to advise and help guide the process of developing a comprehensive diversity plan, unique to your unit. We also advise faculty on strategies for successfully obtaining tenure, navigating University systems, securing grant funding, determining publishing options, negotiating salary and benefits, and relationships to cultivate.

Workshops and Presentations

Customized presentations and workshops are developed on topics such as mentorship, professional development of diverse faculty, effective strategies and best practices for search committees, diversity awareness, and cultural competency. We are available to conduct presentations across the University to increase awareness around diversity and inclusion, broadly defined as well as specific topics of focus such as the engagement of a diverse student body in the classroom and the recruitment, retention, and advancement of diverse faculty.

Tenure Track Faculty Meetings

Each underrepresented tenure-track faculty member is invited to meet with the Vice Provost for Leadership, Advancement, and Diversity and the Director of Faculty Diversity Initiatives to discuss their career trajectories, experiences at UChicago, challenges and successes, etc.  These meetings are intended to facilitate the successful acclimation/transition of new faculty to the institution.

Retention/Community Building Programs

We coordinate efforts that afford community members opportunities to establish meaningful connections with others across campus and senior University leaders. The primary goal of these programs is to increase professional and social interactions and provide a supportive venue to discuss topics of interest and concern.  

Research and Data Analyses

The Office of the Provost has access to various databases and regularly conducts analyses related to underrepresented populations. Assistance is available to support departments with finding underrepresented candidates for open positions, recruitment and retention best practices at peer institutions, available pools for various departments, and topics related to campus climate, student engagement, etc.