Faculty Diversity Initiatives Related Resources

The Office of Leadership, Advancement, and Diversity is devoted to diversifying the faculty at the University of Chicago, and compiled a number of documents that may be useful for faculty and academic units interested in faculty diversity.

Diversity Initiatives Inventory
The purpose of the Diversity Initiatives Inventory is to provide a comprehensive overview of diversity initiatives being implemented across the institution, and to identify internal best practices and discuss success strategies that may be modified and applicable to other units.

Faculty of Color Directory
The purpose of this directory is to serve as a quick reference with basic information on African American, Hispanic/Latino, and Native American faculty. In lines with fostering a sense of community, it is our hope that having this information in one user-friendly document allows faculty to more easily connect across disciplines and put faces to familiar names. Additionally, the Directory affords an opportunity for administrators, students, and staff across the institution to see the diversity of our distinguished faculty.

Promising Practices for Faculty Search and Recruitment
Recognizing that efforts to increase faculty diversity require proactive, long-term, and sustainable plans, the Office of the Provost developed this document to provide promising practices that will support UChicago's efforts.

Prospective Faculty of Color Brochure
This brochure was created as a quick resource for recruiting underrepresented faculty. Departmental representatives can print this document and include it as part of their packages presented to prospective faculty members

Provost's Initiative on Minority Issues (PIMI) Annual Report

A report from the Provost’s Initiative on Minority Issues (PIMI), a committee charged with evaluating the status of diversity programs on campus and making recommendations to the University administration.

Provost's Initiative on Minority Issues (PIMI) Annual Report 2002-2003

Provost's Initiative on Minority Issues (PIMI) Annual Report 2003-2004

Provost's Initiative on Minority Issues (PIMI) Annual Report 2004-2005