Faculty Women of Color in the Academy Conference Attendance

Annually, we cover the registration costs for up to eight faculty, postdocs, and/or graduate students to attend the Faculty of Women Color in the Academy Conference. Hosted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, this two-day conference features prominent women of color scholars as keynote speakers and offers a unique professional opportunity to engage with peers from across the country.

Tenure-Track Individual Meetings

Each underrepresented tenure-track faculty member is invited to meet with the Vice Provost for Leadership, Advancement, and Diversity and the Director of Faculty Diversity Initiatives to discuss their career trajectories, experiences at UChicago, challenges and successes, etc.  These meetings are intended to facilitate the successful acclimation/transition of new faculty to the institution.

Search Committee Training

In collaboration with other units within the Office of the Provost, a quarterly Search Committee Training is offered to assist members of hiring committees with diversifying applicant pools and conducting sound search processes.

2015-2016 Academic Year

Tenure-Track Faculty Men of Color Lunch

During the fall and spring quarters, theVice Provost for Leadership, Advancement, and Diversity extends an invitation to all tenure-track, underrepresented men of color to convene for an informal lunch. This provides an opportunity to establish connections with other males in similar stages of their careers and discuss questions, challenges, success strategies, etc.

Faculty of Color Dinner with the Provost

Annually, underrepresented faculty of color are invited to a dinner with the Provost. This program was created to provide faculty of color an opportunity to meet with the Provost in a space that affords the opportunity for dialogue. Quarterly, two senior faculty members serve as co-hosts and facilitate meaningful dialogue. 

Faculty Women of Color Quarterly Brunch

The goal of this initiative is to increase the professional and social connections between and among junior and senior faculty women of color and provide a supportive venue to discuss their professional experiences.

Faculty of Color Professional Development Sessions

The purpose of professional development sessions is to provide underrepresented faculty support toward achieving tenure.  These quarterly sessions afford junior faculty access to peers and senior faculty, hopefully increasing their professional networks and UChicago support system. Additionally, senior faculty provide their junior colleagues valuable information regarding navigating the institution and managing scholarship, citizenship, and teaching responsibilities.